A Thankful November

One of my favorite things about November is the reminder to be thankful. We spend so much of our time trying to do more, get more, and be…more. It’s sad that it has become rare to stop and relish in what already is. So today I choose to remember some things I am thankful for. … Continue reading A Thankful November


Back to Life

Hey Everyone! I have had such an exciting year: I moved to Colorado, been to killer music festivals, made wonderful friends, hiked to beautiful views, danced until last call, got a kitty and even snagged an amazing guy. I have been so busy experiencing life that I put my blog on the sidelines. I don’t … Continue reading Back to Life

We’re All Searching for Something.

I’m not someone who has ever been easily satisfied. I get bored quickly… I get anxious. I’m always on some boat, somewhere, searching for the hidden treasures lost at sea. It almost feels like it’s never enough. For many people, the investigation of life is simple and genuine: a desire to see the world, to … Continue reading We’re All Searching for Something.